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Salt and Pepper Shakers
Salt and Pepper Shakers with Uru Designs

Below is a video of how I make the salt and pepper shakers.
The designs on the front of them are each hand glazed (painted).
Just a note...It's almost 12 minutes long

Green Man Masks and Trivets

Jewel Jars and Vases

Assorted Boxes
Jewel jars and vases

"Sandra offers special one of a kind pieces.

Sandra offers various wine coolers,
an assortment of jewel jars
in many shapes and colors,
and many different pieces for all tastes.

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Sandra likes to experiment with different clays,
and, using prepared glazes, she experiments with different designs
and "paintings" on her pieces.

Humming Bird and Two Lillies
Ruby Throated Humming Bird

Wine cooler Assortment?
Bowls, Winecoolers, Jewel Jars, and Napkin Rings

pottery assort before glazing

an assortment of pieces

Peacock green box Large red box Small Red Box
Large and small Jewel Jars
Marbleized Small box Yellow Six Sided Box Gingko Lidded Jar

Koi Fish Spoon Rest spade Fish Spoon Rest Bass Fish spoon Rest
Spoon rests

Grape Vine Wine Cooler Lizard Wine cooler
Wine Coolers


Leaf pressed Vase
Leaf vase with blue lining

Poinsettia Pot vase with carved palm Vase with carved palm
Vase with Carved Palm

Bamboo vase #92 D'ni-ish vase Fluted vase #36 Fluted Flower Vase

Large Lizard Bowl Fluted Bwol Carved Rose Bowl
Fluted bowl
Dogwood Leaves Large Bowl Large Fruit Bowl

Queen Ann's Lace Wall Hanging
Queen Ann's Lace Wallhanging

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Susie Goldfish
Lidded Ginger Jar Large Lizard Planter
Dogwood Compote Plate Frog sponge holder KokoPele Candle Holder(egg holder)

Teapots are so exciting to make.

D'ni-like Teapot D'ni-like Teapot D'ni-like Teapot

teapot with rings Acorn Shaped Teapot Chocolate Drip Teapot
Coffee Mugs

Bowl with leaf and Pitcher/bowl

Small Bud Vases

Small Bud Vases
These hold one or just a few flowers.
I like putting one or two flowers in the odd little places.

Sea scene on clay.
This is lightweight but would be cute as a paperWeight.

Olive Oil Coasters
Olive Oil Coasters
I made more of these, I really like them a lot.
They help keep the counter clean where the Olive Oil jar sits.

Vitamin/Medicine Holders

We put our vitamins, etc. in these every morning.

Flower Cups  set of four

I could really enjoy my blueberry tea in these. But, alas, they were purchased by someone who needed them more than I .

Milk Pitcher


Kokopelli bowls  set of four

Will enjoy my potato soup in these. They have the kokopelli designs on them

Empty bowls donations  four Bowls

These will be filled with soup and sold at the "Empty Bowls" event. All the donations go to the local food banks.

Bowl and Jars
assorted spoon rests
sponge holder and napkin rings

sponge holders

sponge holders

handleless pitcher and tulip spoon rest

little Lizard and broken bowl


vase to hold one flower

egg holders and trivet

Oblong Trivet

Small vase

9 and 10 inch bowls

9 and 10 inch bowls

8 inch bowls
Assorted trivets

Making Trivets
making trivets

Have a great time with your clay.. it's so much fun!

Sandra Wright

Wright's Paintings

For information and order process, call (843) 893-8309
from 9:00am to 5:00pm est.

Or contact us by e-mail at:
Last updated July 31, 2020
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